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If you are interested in applying, keep a few things in mind: We, in particular, are looking mainly for players who can work towards Warzone objectives, if that is the goal of the premade. Grinding out Medals should ALWAYS be second to securing the objectives.

Voidstar 8 man run videos

rozynrot, Feb 27, 12 12:41 PM.
Yesterday we managed to get 8 men on a voidstar run. Lots of hilarity ensued, and lots of frapsing. First video's up, ignore the bad quality:

Welcome to Order Sixty-Five! From the looks of it, you are interested in knowing a little more about the guild, and are possibly interested in joining. 

Order Sixty-Five was founded by some of the first Battlemasters on the server for the expressed purpose of forming a PVP oriented guild that exists primarily for Premades, Rated Warzones, and Ilum PVP. As avid lovers of Fair and Balanced competition, we all share the thought that Open World pvp in any form has become a cesspool for unfair competition, often giving no challenge at all to the Stalkers and Stalkees. This is the sole reason we have instead rolled to pvp on a "PvE" server.

As the server has aged over the past month, some sacrifices had to be made leading up to the forming of the guild. Part of this was because of the fall in Republic population that caused Empire queues to skew heavily towards EvE Huttball, rather then the very balanced mash of warzones before. The other side, of course, was the eventual growth of personal skill of other players that rendered some classes near obsolete outside of large scale open world pvp. Half of the founders have Premade experience with many big names Empire side, and have since begun the process of re-rolling. The other half are experienced and dedicated, well known Republic PVPers.

As we grow, we will be looking forward to sharing strategies, Class information, enemy tactics, and a lot of murderous fun with members, new and old alike. Premades will be running at a near constant pace, as well as networking between ALL republic guilds set up to further offset our desire to have premades ready to go at any time of the day.

We are always looking for more, REGARDLESS of class though, so feel free to apply here! If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Virgo, Letareus, Yelten, Zia, or myself in game.

Please remember, membership on the forum is not manditory for the guild, so a vast majority of out members do not participate. There are over 40 people currently in the guild, with over half of them being 50, and up to 15 on during prime time. We often can have 2-3 premade groups running at one time.

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